Lower Body

Leg Curl

Top sports robot for training the muscles of the back of the thigh.

The revolutionary approach to training combines the latest achievements of new technologies and the unique methodology of eccentric exercises.




  • Mixed training mode: negative + positive
  • Isolated training mode: eccentric (negative), concentric (positive),


  • Variable load from 1 to 200 kg, step 100 gr
  • Load dependence on angle, for each phase (positive, negative) – Force curves
  • Automatic load increment function
  • Programmable load change function (overcoming muscle adaptability)
  • Variable load ratio (positive / negative) for mixed mode
  • Regular testing of progress (Strength test)

Velocity and amplitude

  • Constant angular velocity
  • Templates of speed modes
  • Variable reverse speed (for modes with isolated phase)
  • Ability to manually set the speed (for pros)
  • Adjustable amplitude of repetitions – amplitude curves
  • Training templates
  • Patterns of training plans

02Groups of muscles

Muscles of hamstring and lower leg – Main flexor of leg and knee

1.1. Primary

  • Biceps femoris (Biceps Femoris)
  • Semitendinous thigh muscle (Semitendinosus)
  • Semi-membranous thigh muscle (Semimembranosus)

1.2. Secondary

  • Inner head of gastrocnemius muscle (Gastrocnemius Medial Head)
  • External gastrocnemius head (Gastrocnemius Lateral Head)
  • Sartorius muscle (Sartorius)
  • Thin Thigh Muscle (Gracilis)

1.3. Tendons and ligamentous apparatus

  • Thigh muscles of the hamstrings
  • Medial supporting patellar ligament
  • Lateral support patch of patella
  • Medial lateral ligament of patella
  • Lateral lateral ligament of patella
  • Patella tendon


2.1. Sports

Use of specialized eccentric training programs for:

  • Accelerated hypertrophy of the hamstrings of the hip
  • Decrease in fat mass
  • Increase in speed-strength indicators
  • Increased muscle strength and endurance

2.2. Prevention:

  • Prevention of arthrosis of the knee joint
  • Prevention of mobility impairment of the knee joint
  • Strengthening the ligamentous apparatus of the knee joint
  • Increased elasticity of tendons
  • Preventing knee injuries
  • Prevention of loss of muscle mass with age (Sarcopenia)
  • Prevention of bone density reduction with age (Osteopenia)

2.3. Recovery after injury (post-rehabilitation period)

  • Recovering the muscle mass of the hamstrings
  • Improve blood circulation in muscle tissues
  • Muscle, ligament and tendon tissue regeneration
  • Improving cellular metabolism


Perfect Design

Robots REFORCE are created according to German quality standards. Each car is a unique new generation sports device. Perfect design, use of high-quality materials make REFORCE sports cars unique.

Composite materials

The main elements are made of high-strength composite materials using unique technologies used to create F1 cars.

Eco-friendly leather

Premium design and use in the decoration of modern leather materials, create a feeling of comfort

Natural wood

The use of decorative elements made by hand from valuable species of natural wood, immerses in an atmosphere of comfort and luxury


Unique ergonomics allows the trainee to feel as comfortable as possible. The ability to individually adjust the amplitude of movements increases the effectiveness and comfort of the exercises


Creating training plans

Prepared training plans

Prepared training programs


Load Monitoring Sensors

Individual Settings


Integration with Reforce Cloud

06Technical data

LENGTH: 172 cm
Width: 105 cm
Height: 150 cm
The weight: 150 kg