The eccentric phase of training is a regime in which a strained muscle lengthens under load. With eccentric contraction, the muscle-tendon complex stretches and absorbs mechanical energy.

Continued eccentric training causes a number of muscle adaptations that have significant and desirable effects in both recovery and performance.

The muscles are capable of producing much more eccentric force in comparison with the concentric force. During eccentric contractions, the force comes from both the contractile elements of the muscle fibers, and also from the viscoelastic components of the connective tissue. At that time, as with concentric contractions, the force emerges only from the contractile elements.

  • Eccentric movements use less energy
  • Exercise with increased eccentric load strengthens the tendon
  • Eccentric drills increase flexibility
  • Eccentric training is much safer for the heart
  • Eccentric training shows good results in the post-rehabilitation recovery period for injuries
  • Our robots are ultra-modern devices with feedback. Works of engineering, in complexity, not inferior to the top brands of cars. Each robot has on board a powerful, specially designed computer, its own real-time operating system, a lot of detectors and sensors, its own local network – a digital CAN bus, reliable and powerful electric drives, linear motors of the latest generation.
  • Despite the complexity, REFORCE sports robots are easy to use, have an ergonomic and intuitive interface in your desired language.
  • All robots are connected to the cloud service, from which the unique training methods are created, created with the help of professional athletes, coaches, specialists in sports medicine, rehabilitation and biomechanics.
  • Robots remember each user. Data on personal settings, training plans, current and upcoming training sessions are stored in the cloud storage, which allows them to be accessed at any time, on any REFORCE robot, wherever it is located.
  • The artificial intelligence system monitors each movement of the robot and the user, on the one hand, using sensors, controlling the real-time load and preventing the possibility of injury, on the other hand, scrupulously fixing information in the cloud service. The accumulated information (BigDATA) allows you to analyze the data of each approach, each repetition, the dynamics of results for any period of time, and make decisions about the effectiveness of the training plan, adjust training programs.
  • While exercising on our robots you get the opportunity to combine two training regimes – concentric and eccentric, and also, if you wish, completely exclude any of them.
  • Now there is no need to remember the parameters of your workouts. Simply “log in” to the robot with your bracelet and it will download the current training plan. You just need to press the “Start” button, everything else will be done automatically.
  • In the process of training, our robots consider not only the performed repetitions and approaches, they also control the rest time between them, but also accurately determine the amount of calories burnt for each approach, exercise, and in total during training.
  • Activities on REFORCE sports robots occur with greater intensity and efficiency, especially in eccentric modes. This allows you to reduce the time of training significantly. And time is known to be money.

REFORCE robots can be used for both recovery from injuries and preparation for surgery. Our specialists have developed many techniques specifically for rehabilitation and presurgery muscle pumping.

For injured athletes (and not only), eccentric exercises for a “healthy” limb are an alternative option for training the injured limb (which has been injured or recently operated)

REFORCE robots can not be purchased. We are developing our community and plan to create a network of our own training halls and rehabilitation centers.

REFORCE is not just a brand, it’s a new community of people who are ready to look at their health and way of life in a completely different way. In order to create such a community, it is not enough to put your equipment in the halls, you need to create an environment. In addition, since our methods are unique, it is necessary to train a sufficient number of professional trainers to work with our robots.

REFORCE robots are unique, they can not be found in any ordinary gym. Our goal is to create our own network of REFORCE halls in the very near future.

Our robots allow the user not only to take advantage of the eccentric phase, but also safely perform exercises with loads significantly exceeding personal maxima in the concentric phase.

The original patented robot controlled algorithms allow not only to change the training parameters (tempo, load, amplitude and phase ratio) in real time, but also to create, record and store in the cloud service both single training and full training plans.

The combination of the ability to fine-tune the mechanical system of the trainers on the fly, the presence of high-precision sensors in the device, measuring speed, angles, real-time loading and the use of specially created training techniques allows you to fine-tune the muscular apparatus, depending on the goals of the trainees.