The most effective

Eccentric training is one of the most efficient. You've never done it so effectively!

REFORCE is a technology of training at a special level

REFORCE is a new community of people ready to improve their bodies. Thanks to the development of new technologies and training techniques, it sets new records and improves your body. These leaders, who are living in our fast developing world, are always in a search of new approaches and solutions.

The mission of REFORCE is to transform the existing approaches of building a body sculpture with new generation trainers based on eccentric training.

ReForce - Effective Body Tuning

The audience of our Clients does not have clearly delineated boundaries. REFORCE allows you to make a breakthrough in sports achievements, regardless of the level of your training, to effectively and quickly recover after injuries and just be healthy. Our sports robots are easy to use, regardless of the complexity of the device.

We focus on the five values ​​
to achieve a revolutionary effect:



A new principle, a different approach and rational advantages of the product are the way to success together with the next-generation sports robots.



REFORCE unites like-minded people, people who appreciate the power of discovery
and self-confidence.



REFORCE are innovative sports robots that use a unique mode of eccentric load phase and are controlled by an artificial intelligence system.



REFORCE engineers work in one team with professional athletes, specialists in sports medicine and biomechanics.



Unique German technology, the highest standards quality and a perfect design are embodied in revolutionary sport machines of the next generation.